Get your sh*t together before chaos happens

As a small business with a limited budget, the focus for creating efficient systems and processes needs to be on more affordable, DIY solutions.

Here are 10 tips with that in mind:

  • Document your procedures online using the free versions of programs like Evernote or OneNote. If your a bit more tech savvy try Trello, Clickup or Notion. Be sure to document your entire biz day. This will help you identify pain points for yourself and could shine a light on how you can better serve your customers
  • Use free process mapping software like to visualize workflows.
  • Implement basic automation for emails, scheduling social media posts, data entry etc through Zapier or If This Then That.
  • Use Google Sheets, Forms, Drive to collect information, create trackers etc. Lots of templates online.
  • Cross-train staff on basic skills needed to fill gaps, share workload. Create simple training guides.
  • Set goals and metrics using free tools like Google Analytics or spreadsheets. Review monthly.
  • Lean on mentors and peers for advice. Join Small Business Association. Learn from others’ systems.
  • Start lean rather than over-investing upfront. Let systems evolve naturally.
  • Use evaluations, customer feedback to improve. Empower staff to problem solve.
  • Research free business operations checklists and guides to implement best practices. Adapt as needed!

The key is finding simple, free or low-cost solutions that can be tested and refined over time. Let me know if you need help implementing any of these!

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