Hi, I'm Christina.

1. I've provided Virtual Business Manager services for over 15 years, specializing in designing & maintaining WordPress websites and Business Organization.

2. I've earned the title “WordPress Ninja” from more than one client, as well as MOTU (Master of the Universe) from the client I've had the longest (14 yrs+!! 🙂

3. I live in Upstate NY (above Albany but below Lake George) with my husband, 2 pups & 1 (of my 4) kids- where we have 18 4 seasons, lots of trees and chickens living next door.

4. I love the metaphysical world but, I also have a mind of my own- no woo-woo crap here. That being said: I am a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Energy healer & Crystal hoarder. I dabble in Tarot card readings as well and am pretty good at it 😉

5. Everything I read/learn is put through my BS meter- it takes a lot to convince me of anything.

6. I enjoy writing creative short stories, especially when my creativity seems to want to take a nap. It doesn't happen often but, when it does, I find writing, based on a random prompt, helps me relax and find my “mojo” again.

7. I chopped all my hair off in a pixie cut about 6 years ago and highly recommend it. It's so freeing!