Key Items you need in your Branding Book

Here are 10 key elements to include in your branding book as you build out your business’ brand identity:

  1. Brand Story – The origin, vision, purpose and values behind your brand.
  2. Target Audience Profile – Details about your ideal customer’s demographics, behaviors, pain points and desires.
  3. Brand Personality – The tone, voice, characteristics that define your brand’s style.
  4. Brand Messaging – Your brand promise and defining slogans or taglines.
  5. Logo – High quality vector files of your logo in multiple formats.
  6. Color Palette – Primary and secondary brand colors used across visual assets.
  7. Typography – Font styles, sizes and uses for your visual identity.
  8. Photography/Imagery Style – Image look, feel and subject matter preferences.
  9. Graphic Assets – Visual brand assets like patterns, illustrations, icons.
  10. Brand Guidelines – Rules for using your brand assets consistently across channels.

Having these core elements documented in one place creates alignment across teams while allowing flexibility to adapt the branding as needed. It’s the blueprint for presenting a unified, recognizable brand identity.

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