My youngest (of 4) who just got his permit
My youngest (of 4) who just got his permit
The two fur-babies- Hubby wasn't game for pics
Hubby wouldn't let me post a pic of him
Hubby wouldn't let me post a pic of him

Hi there, I'm Christina!

You came here to find out a little bit more about me and my experience so let's dive into it.

I started my VA business back in... well, let's just say it was over 17 years ago and leave it at that, shall we? This was back when most people had no idea WTH a Virtual Assistant was, let alone wanted to hire one.

I was lucky and found a previous coworker who had their own business and wanted me to work with them. That client turned into my bread-and-butter for 16 years as I built my business, took on many other clients and gathered tons of experience.

I started specializing in web design almost immediately thanks to the crappy "free" website I started with. The limitations made me crazy so I taught myself HTML and CSS and then stumbled onto WordPress and never looked back.

I love the versatility of the platform and I love being able to leave the website knowing that I've given my client the tools to handle the day-to-day website upkeep on their own (if they chose to). Of course, I was happy to answer their questions any time and most even hired me on to conduct ongoing monthly maintenance.

I found I do not enjoy marketing so, I have stayed away from offering it as a service but, I can whip up some pretty nice (editable) graphics for social media & websites.

Over the years I have had a wide variety of clients who come from all different industries, backgrounds, success levels and personalities. I've had a few 'stinkers' in there but, the majority were fun to work with and I learned a lot.

I took a break from my VA business a few years ago (although I had some long term clients I still took care of) and started a monthly subscription box company.

I wanted to see what it was like running a product biz vs a service biz. That experience was AH-MAZING! I wish I could've kept doing it forever but, things happen and, I sold the company after building it for 2 years.

Switching gears like that gave me a unique insight because NOW, I knew the challenges faced by both types of businesses and I had acquired a ton of new skills I could use to assist more types of clients.

I know you've been reading a novel at this point but, I want you to get to know me. I only work with people I mesh well with and who can have a little fun during the stressful times.

If all of this has intrigued you, and you have something you'd like my help with, shoot me an email and I'll respond asap.