Hi, I’m Christina!

I started my first business as a Virtual Assistant back in… well, let’s just say it was over 18 years ago and leave it at that, shall we? This was back when most people had no idea WTH a VA was, let alone wanted to hire one.

Over the years I have had a wide variety of clients who came from all different industries, backgrounds, success levels and personalities. I’ve had a few ‘stinkers’ in there but, the majority were fun to work with and I learned a lot.

I took a break from my VA business a few times over the years (although I had some long term clients I still took care of) and started a variety of other online businesses and even ventured into the Ecommerce world with a monthly subscription box company. I wanted to see what it was like running a product biz vs a service biz. That experience was AH-MAZING!

Being a Serial Entrepreneur and switching gears like that gave me a unique insight into the challenges faced by many types of businesses, business owners and industries.

I found that when I had processes and systems in place for myself (that worked with my brain), it made it so much easier to ensure I wasn’t working myself to the bone and hyper-focusing on things. I was able to hire on part-time help to handle all the daily biz duties that zapped me of my energy or distracted me (ie., shiny object syndrome) from the money-making tasks only I could do.

So, if my story resonates with you and you’d like to have a chat to see if I can help you, get in touch and I’ll respond asap.