Overwhelm is a real problem as a small business owner.

You are responsible for every single aspect of your business until you can afford to hire full-time help (if that's what you're shooting for).

That can make you feel crazy & overwhelmed.

When you don't have systems and processes in place, you can quickly dig yourself a hole so big, you can't see any way out.
Then you try to ignore it and hope it will go away.

We all know THAT doesn't work!

So, let me help you get your "Biz Sh*t" together!

What can I do for YOU?

A Virtual Business Manager handles the day to day operations, projects and team members of your business.

With 13+ years of experience as a Virtual Assistant/ Virtual Business Manager, I offer my clients the chance to relieve some of the everyday pressures so you can get back to doing the "fun stuff" you got into business to do.

You can breathe easy knowing that your customers are well taken care of, technical issues are dealt with swiftly (and as stealthily as possible) and your team is on point.

As a fellow Business Owner (service & product-based businesses), I can handle just about anything you can throw at me. And if I can't figure out a solution, I have a wide network of specialists to tap into at any time.

A Virtual Business Organizer sets you up for success by implementing tools and processes to make your business run more efficiently.

When you start your biz alone, you don't realize just how important it is to get organized early on. All those email addresses, account logins, customer support issues, and so on, and so on.

I will learn about all the parts and pieces of your business, research ways to do it better, then develop a custom plan for you. You sign off on the proposed game plan, provide some information and leave me to it for a week or 2.

Once I'm done, you will not only have your "behind-the-scenes" all organized but, you will have an organic Operations Manual to help you keep it that way.